The Intimate God

Ministering: Pastor Dammy Mark
Date: February 20
Theme : The Intimate God

God has been intimate with man through ages eg. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, David

God seeks for people to be intimate with, not a object and subject relationship.
He wants something beyond Sunday and Wednesdays meetings. He wants something as intimate as a bride and a groom

God is looking for relationships and not religion. Hebrew 10:1-7
Religion will only remind you of your sins constantly. God was not satisfied with the religious sacrifices made constantly for the forgiveness of sins, he wanted something more intimate with him and that was why he sent his son that his blood will create that relationship with us.

Intimacy is by inhabitation

  1. God wants love not duty. John 21:17
    He wants us to understand his love and not the duty we can offer
    Duty makes us do things dutifully and love makes us do things for him beautifully.
    Duty attracts entitlement but love attracts rewards . If you carry duty, you get title but when you carry his love you get mantle
  2. God is looking for intimacy. Matt 20:22-23. It takes intimacy to sit on the throne with him not favoritism. He doesn’t have favorites
    There must be fellowship of suffering (John 14:19)
  3. God wants to give grace not law
    Law exposes/reveals our sin but grace covers our sins and reveals his love, Romans 6:20

Law constrains but grace empowers
The more of God you have the more of God you become. You can’t be a part of God you have no knowledge of and it takes intimacy to know him

PRAYER: Father please take religion away and fill me with your love

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