The Future

Ministering: Pastor Akinola Babatope
Date: January 30
Topic: The future
Text: Matthew 25:15

Future means time that is to come.
An expectation of advancement or bogus expectation. Therefore future can mean what you can be that you are yet to be. God had finished your work before creation started. You are fully packaged by God.(Jeremiah 29:11)

Every man hopes for a better future
Every man is curious about the future
Every man desires a glorious future (2cor 4:7)

Discover your treasure, because that’s your future. Your future is known when you discover your divine talent/gift.
God does not waste resources, this is why you need to discover your talent.
Your future also begins with you nurturing your gifts. Your relevance in life is tied to your gifts

Your future becomes brighter when you discover the giver of the gift. (Proverbs 4:8).

Natural gifts makes you relevant
Spiritual gifts gives you a super natural edge and kingdom relevance. (Romans 12:6). They edify and build the future (Ephesians 4:12)
When you carry the gift , the future will be clear (Phil 3:13) The screw to attaining the future is not being tied to the past. Don’t get caught up in your past so you can get what God has for you. Your talents and gifts represents your assignment and you don’t die until you must have finished your assignment. God does not abandon projects, so you shouldn’t. When you obey God and stay where He needs you to stay, your future will be bright.

Don’t set ambition for yourself that God has not set for you. Invest, keep vigils on your gift.
Your gift will make room for you.
There may be misconceptions, but there is always a gift.


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