Stronger As A Family

Ministering: Pastor Tope Akinola
Date: 10th April 2022
Theme : Stronger As A Family

A Christian family is a family that models after Christ.
There are so many churches today with few Christians.
A Christian family is a family that is focused on running with Jesus.
When you compromise on your stand, you do not have faith.
You cannot underestimate the power of stable family.

God is a pioneer of family.
“The sustainable environment of a family is very important
The welfare of our society today is based on the family, because the family is a cell of the society
Unity comes by feeding, feeding on the right information
(Proverbs 6:14)

Every man responds to what they hear.
If you get angry easily, you are weak.
“A man that controls his spirit is better than a man that takes a city. “
You must be fed as a man. You can either be fed with positive things or negative things. What you are fed with will determine your outcome.

The actions we take are determined by the information we are fed with.
Check your association, because they influence your feeding.
When you hear the word of God you need to let it mix with faith.
We must focus on dealing with the things we must feed on.
Stronger as a family is based on the strength of the family’s unity which is influenced by what you are fed with.

A United family is a family that can not be be compromised and will fulfill purpose.
Every Christian home that works is a force on earth and against the kingdom of hell, which is why the devil is bent on destroying it.
There is joy in the kingdom of hell every time there is a broken family.
Stronger is not about proving to be strong , but allowing the strength to carry you.

Things that can be achieved as a stronger family:
1. Productivity.
2. Will establish Gods kingdom on earth.
3. Your family will be stronger in dominion

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