Reasons why we praise God

Our praise is a sweet aroma to God. When we praise God, our lives become more of a festival than a contest, Jesus is at the fore, the center and He is the focus while our desire is to hear His applause. It’s more of him and less of us and it spills over into our lifestyle and become who we are. We appreciate the simple things of life. It helps us to see the bigger picture because praise is simply giving back to God.

When we praise we realise that we are all in recovery. We are all broken, behind the beautiful faces and lovely smile most times hides a broken heart but when we praise, we surround ourselves with those that hurt, the needy etc it brings us closer to God and God invites us to take a step closer to him. With this, we can all be connected back to God.

Highlighted below are 7 reasons why we praise God

  1. He fights our battles:
    In the old testament, the Israelite offered a sacrifice of praise to God, they surrendered fully to his authority and God fought their battles. That’s an evidence of the power of Praise. Take a look at the story of the reign of Jehoshaphat and even that of the wall of Jericho (Judges 5:2-3, 2Samuel 22:4, Psalms 18:3, 27:6)
  1. Because of our testimonies:
    They are scriptural prophecies that promotes our faith in God when we are expecting our exceeding testimonies. Oftentimes, praises are used to activate testimonies even before they manifest. (Psalms 9:1, 107:8, 15, 21, 31)
  1. We fear God:
    The bible says that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, so as we continue to praise God in fear and trembling he increases our wisdom and capacities and also grants us knowledge and understanding that is divine. It is the same way that Solomon asked God. Psalms 22:23, 96:4
  1. Praise is a lifestyle:
    In the old testament there are Priest, Levites and Psalmist and part of their job description is to praise and worship God. When praise becomes our lifestyle then our relationship with God will be so strong. His presence will be evident in our lives at all times. Psalms 34:1, 113:3
  1. We are fulfilling God’s Prophecy:
    Whenever we praise God we are fulfilling the prophecy and declaration that says “let every living things praise God”. So if you are living a life of praise you are upholding the Gospel of our lord Jesus Christ and in return you will be blessed. Psalms 102:18, 78:4
  1. Turns away the lord’s anger:
    The anger of God is always turned away whenever we ask for his forgiveness in praise, if we look closely into the life of King David he understands this point as a contact to avert the anger of the lord over his life and it is also the reason why people say he is the man after God’s heart. Isaiah 12:1
  1. Provision of our needs:
    Our needs are met in an unexplainable manner even though we work. Have you ever considered it that we spend even more than we earn in a month, that’s a proof of God’s provision. One of the ways this provision is unlocked is by being thankful through praises. Isaiah 62:9 Joel 2:26

Dear reader, think of all the reasons for which you can praise God, then you will proclaim with the Psalmist “I will extol You, my God, O King; And I will bless Your name forever and ever. Every day I will bless You, And I will praise Your name forever and ever.”

There are many more reasons but humans have limited focus. So concentrate on these reasons to praise God today and please share this with others on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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