Ministering: Pastor Akinola Babatope
Date: March 13
Theme: Flourish
Text: Psalm 92:12-13

Flourish means to have great development. To expand and mutiply. To grow in a healthy way.
To a healthy system growth is natural. Another word for flourish is growth.
Someone that flourish is at the height of excellence and influence.

it is Gods heart desire thah his children flourish 3John1 vs 2
Growth is the gate way to dominion

— The first commandment and order from God is to grow. Gen 1:28

— Dominion is God’s mandate for us. You cannot gate-crash into dominion. You grow into it.
You can’t grow into dominion when you are not multiplying

— Focus on the activity that drives growth. It is not an accident, it is intentional. It is a choice.

The Bible illustrates growth as a Palm Tree. It’s attributes are as follows:
It is distinct. Going the extra mile. Psalm 1:1-32

–The palm tree is productive. If you are not productive, you will continue to go in circles. A productive man can never be poor. As a productive person, you have a product, not necessarily a material. It might be a value or a gift that you have.

— Non stop growth. Don’t stop growing. Keep feeding yourself with the important contents to move you forward. Genesis 26:13

• It has deep and firm root. Take time in a solid development. Don’t rush so you don’t get blown away. Take time on the word. Meditate deeply. Psalm 11:3

• Longevity. It takes time
flourish. Growth and maturity comes with time. Proverb 3:2.

Who will flourish?

The righteous Psalm 92:7-12. This is a gift of God through Jesus Christ.

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